Best Bluetooth Speaker Consumer Reports

At the campsite, at the beach or at parties with friends, you know that it is an essential item for your events. The wireless Bluetooth speaker is the device you need to set the mood wherever you are. With these devices, you can enjoy your favorite music anytime. 

The Bluetooth speaker is obviously used to listen to music but not only. You can very well listen to podcasts – informative audio recordings on various subjects – while cooking without dirtying your tablet. Time passes more quickly. If the speaker has a microphone and is connected to your mobile, it can also serve as a hands-free kit while you do other things. If you watch a series or a movie on your computer, the experience will be enhanced by the speaker.

Why Buy a Bluetooth Speaker?

First of all, a Bluetooth speaker is used to broadcast, more strongly or in better quality, a sound coming from a mobile, a tablet, or a computer. Indeed, most of the speakers located on our devices are sufficient to hear, but not to fully enjoy the sound. The Bluetooth function adds convenience to the experience since you don’t have to wire the speaker to the transmitting device.

Your speaker may then be some distance from the original device. It takes an average of 10 meters maximum to not lose the connection. This range is reduced if there are walls, doors, etc. between the two devices.

On most models, there are buttons that allow you to control the device. It allows you to skip a song, return to the previous one, change the sound volume, or pause. And all this without needing to access the transmitting device.

What is the best Bluetooth speaker consumer reports?

Before making the purchase, you need to ask yourself a few questions. How often will I use it? Do I plan to take her outside or inside? Will I move it regularly? By answering these questions, you will have a clearer idea of ​​the wireless speaker you need.

Here are the 5 best Bluetooth speakers in 2022. There is something for every budget and every taste. No matter which one you choose, we assure you that you will not be disappointed with its performance.

Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth speaker

With a 9.1cm driver, this portable Bluetooth speaker impresses. It can last up to 16 hours without being recharged, which is a very good autonomy. However, the brand specifies that with this model, they have bet on the quality of the bass. It is therefore an excellent model if you appreciate heavy bass. The speaker is also water-resistant.

Its cylindrical shape and flexible handle make it very mobile. Additionally, this sleekly designed wireless Bluetooth speaker is available in gray or black. The price is relatively high, but you are guaranteed to have an excellent product that can follow you on your adventures for very long years.


  • Waterproof
  • Good bass
  • Autonomy of 16h


  • Less powerful than other models of the same brand

JBL Xtreme 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

In the same price range, this Bluetooth speaker has 15 hours of battery life. It is water and dust-resistant. This model has a strap for easy carrying or hanging. Small harmless detail, but the speaker has a bottle opener on the strap. This wireless Bluetooth speaker is available in 4 colors: black, blue, gray, and camouflage.

We find on this model, two drivers, two passive radiators for the bass, and two tweeters for the treble. The power of the speakers is 25 watts, therefore above the minimum recommended 10 watts.

It is an ideal model for the outdoors thanks to its power, its lightness, and its autonomy. So you can take it with you on a walk, to the beach or just at home.


  • Very powerful
  • Reinforced bass
  • 4 speakers
  • Autonomy of 15 hours


  • May be difficult to pair via Bluetooth

Marshall Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Its square shape, its metal grid and its strap inspired by that of a guitar make it stand out at first glance. On the top of the device, there are 3 buttons (bass, treble, and volume) for easy control. They allow you to manually adjust the sound you desire. This Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, but also very robust, a layer of silicone envelops its exterior.

It’s the wireless speaker with the best battery life of our selection, offering up to 20 hours of sound. It is equipped with version 5.1 of Bluetooth. With front and rear speakers, the sound is multi-directional to immerse you in the music.

This Bluetooth speaker is also much more affordable than the previous two. It comes in 4 colors: burgundy, grey, black and black and gold. Last but not least, the device recharges very quickly. In just 20 minutes of charging, you get 6 hours of battery. It’s an excellent wireless speaker that will be ideal for livening up a barbecue or a small outdoor party.


  • Very fast charging
  • Reasonable price
  • Ability to adjust the sound
  • Autonomy of 20 hours


  • Not very compact device

Portable wireless Bluetooth speaker with microphone Bose SoundLink Color II

This inexpensive and very compact Bluetooth speaker comes in 6 colors (black, white, light blue, dark blue, red, and yellow). The device, surrounded by a layer of silicone, is waterproof and robust. It is also equipped with a microphone for calls and the NFC chip to facilitate pairing. 

Obviously, at this price, you don’t get the same performance as Bose’s first device on our list. That said, it still offers autonomy offering 8 hours of battery and its power is 5 watts. This speaker is, therefore, best suited for use where you know you can easily charge the speaker.  

This model is a good compromise for people who want Bose quality without wanting to pay too much money. It’s a very small speaker that doesn’t take up too much space and can still impress you despite its small size. 


  • Compact
  • NFC chip
  • Built-in microphone


  • Autonomy of 8 hours

Sony SRS-XB23 Extra BASS IP67 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Here is the cheapest wireless speaker in our selection. That said, this model from Sony will not disappoint. With 12-hour battery life, it’s resistant to almost anything: water, rust, dust, and shock. Available in black, red, blue, green, taupe, light blue, or coral, the device is lightweight and compact.

The speakers reach 20 watts and offer good bass thanks to their side passive radiators. However, unlike the previous model, it does not have a microphone for calls.

If you have a small budget, you like bass and you don’t want to make it a hands-free kit for your phone, this Bluetooth speaker is an excellent choice!


  • Good autonomy
  • Very water resistant
  • Good power


  • No microphone

How to use a wireless speaker?

To listen to a song on your wireless Bluetooth speaker, simply pair it to the transmitting device. First, make sure the speaker is turned on. Then, activate Bluetooth on your tablet, laptop, or mobile. Find the speaker name in the list of detected devices and connect to it. Finally, confirm on each device that you are OK with the pairing. That’s it!

It is also possible that your device (speaker, smartphones, computers, etc.) is equipped with an NFC chip. If so, pairing is even easier. All you have to do is place the speaker against the transmitting device. Then click “Ok” on the transmitter. Nothing’s easier!

All you have to do is connect to a streaming service like Youtube, Deezer, or Spotify to choose your music. If you do not have the possibility of connecting to this type of service, it is possible, on certain models, to insert a USB key. So you can enjoy all your favorite recorded music.

How to choose the best Bluetooth speaker?

The range of wireless speakers available on the market today is impressive. They come in all sizes, colors, and shapes. Please, however, look at some basic criteria to be certain of what your future purchase is capable of.

The power

The more power the speaker generates during playback, the louder the sound will be. Unless you want to use your speaker in a small, quiet indoor place, it’s not advisable to choose one below 10 watts. 

The reactivity

To enjoy superior sound quality, another criterion to look at is the responsiveness of the loudspeaker enclosures. This is measured in hertz and the more there is, the more your device will be able to produce a wide range of sounds.

The Bluetooth version

Bluetooth versions differ from device to device. The version will determine the quality of the transmission, but also the range you can put between the wireless speaker and the transmitting device. The most recent version is 5.1 although not all brands have adopted it yet.

The drivers

It is essential that your loudspeaker has a driver, also called driver, decent. Most speakers start with a 40mm driver. The size, number, and placement of drivers affect sound quality.  

The driver has broken down into two parts: the active speaker and the passive radiator. The latter traps the acoustics to form the bass.


Some wireless speakers can last up to 18 hours without recharging. The ones that last the longest are often the speakers intended for indoor use. It is important that you look at the autonomy on the technical sheet of the Bluetooth speaker before your purchase. Otherwise, you risk carrying a device that will be turned off more frequently than on.

Unfortunately, there is a negative link between performance and battery life. The more powerful the device, the more energy it consumes and drains its battery quickly. It’s up to you to find the happy medium between the power and the range you want.


If you intend to leave your Bluetooth speaker at home, the large models will not be disturbing. On the other hand, if the use you intend for it involves transporting it regularly, prefer a more compact model.

Some models include a handle to hold it securely with one hand. The heaviest and most imposing, intended for party rooms, are on wheels and move like suitcases.


For partygoers, wireless speakers with built-in lights are often popular. Some have simple LEDs while others have a more complex system. The user can then be asked to download a brand application on his transmitter and have control over the colors, shapes, and variations of the lights.

The additional options of a Bluetooth speaker

In addition to the criteria mentioned above, the following criteria can make a difference in choosing the best device for you. 

Water and dust resistance

Today, some wireless speakers are so waterproof that they can be submerged in water. Even if you don’t plan to take it with you to the pool or shower, the Waterproof feature on your wireless Bluetooth speaker is never useless. A daily accident can happen quickly. Have you ever spilled a filled glass during a party or barbecue?

Moreover, the index of water resistance goes from 0 to 9. The 0 corresponds to no protection and the 9 means that it resists high-pressure cleaning.

The integrated battery function (PowerBank)

This feature enables battery transfer. If your transmitter needs to be charged again, then you can connect it via cable to your speaker. He will thus give him his battery. Obviously, the autonomy of the speaker will decrease. However, this function is useful when you absolutely need to charge your phone.

smart speaker

So-called smart speakers or Smart Speakers are speakers that incorporate artificial intelligence. They are known to do almost everything. It would be the equivalent of a digital butler.

In addition to playing music, they serve as a timer, can dim the light, increase the heating, etc. It gives you the weather, wakes you up, tells you traffic on the road, and more.

To switch on your device, you have to pronounce the magic word, which varies depending on the brand: Ok Google, Alexa, Hey Siri, etc. He is ready to listen to your request. These are equipped with microphones. For the less sophisticated, you have to press a button to turn on the speaker.

In order to take advantage of all the functions of a smart speaker, it is usually necessary to purchase other additional devices. To obtain a connected house, in particular, you must buy special sockets or bulbs.

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