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If you’ve ever found your cat at the top of the refrigerator or a shelf, you’ve probably realized that he likes being up high. This allows him to observe his surroundings and feel safe. The downside is that it also risks damaging and dirtying your furniture at the same time.

Buying a cat tree is an ideal solution to meet the needs of your cat while preserving your home. Find out everything you need to know about cat trees and how to choose the ideal model for your feline.

What is a cat tree used for?

A cat tree is an artificial structure designed specifically for felines. Children can use the tree for climbing, playing, sleeping, and relaxing. There is a multitude of different sizes of trees. Some models are relatively simple. Other models are more sophisticated and come with several accessories. All cat trees work the same way.

They generally consist of the following elements:

  • an ample and solid base to hold the tree upright, 
  • one or more scrapers, 
  • one or more integrated toys,
  • at least one covered area allowing the cat to sleep peacefully.

If you want to create a personalized play area for your cat, you can also choose a wall-mounted cat tree. This is a cat tree with different platforms and accessories that attach directly to your wall.

The different types of cat trees

There are several types of cat trees. There are more basic models that have only one level and more sophisticated models with several levels.

Basic cat tree

Simpler cat tree designs are less sophisticated. They usually have only one level. However, they have all the features required to bring comfort and safety to your four-legged friend. Their price is normally quite low. 

They generally have a base with a covered area allowing the cat to rest quietly. A rope-covered pole on the base acts as a scraper. At the top of the post is a platform on which the cat can sit or sleep. This type of cat tree is great if you only have one cat.

Cat tree with several levels

Cat trees with several levels have several platforms spread over different floors. This type of cat tree is usually equipped with many accessories. There are scrapers, hiding places, games, tunnels, and even hammocks. 

We also recommend that you buy a cat tree with several levels if you have several cats. Its higher price is the main drawback. In addition, the cat tree needs a larger and more bulky base to ensure good stability.

What is the best cat tree in 2022?

We have selected for you five of the best cat trees available on Amazon. You will certainly find the perfect new accessory for your companion.

59.3 inch Feandrea cat tree

If you are looking for a high-quality, large-sized cat tree for your four-legged friends, this cat tree from Feandrea is a perfect choice. It is equipped with comfortable rest areas for a peaceful siesta. You will also find many scrapers to preserve your furniture. You will also find many playful accessories to occupy your animals. 

Your cat also has a comfortable house and an elevated hammock to make him feel safe. Sisal covers the scratching posts to encourage your cat to sharpen its claws on the tree rather than your furniture. The base of this cat tree is wide enough to ensure optimal stability. 

Your cat can climb, jump and sleep on the tree safely. Anti-tilt accessories reinforce the overall stability of the structure. This premium tree is also great if you have multiple cats in the home. It is very sturdy and easy to install.


  • Cat tree with many floors
  • Rest areas are spacious
  • Comfortable materials for cats 
  • Robust and stable


  • Quite heavy and bulky

56 inch BestPet Cat Tree

The BestPet CT-T154 56-inch Cat Tree combines an adorable price, safety, and plenty of comfortable resting areas for your cat. It is a tree with several levels, so the base is relatively bulky and not suitable for small spaces. 

There are five platforms on which your cat can jump freely. There is also a very spacious and comfortable hammock, a playhouse, and many playful accessories. A plush covers the whole to bring comfort and tranquility to your cat. 

The base is a little bulky but provides optimal stability whether your cat is fidgety or not. It is a product with an excellent quality/price ratio, whether you have one or more cats at home. Assembly is very simple and can be done in just 30 minutes.


  • Excellent value
  • Many toys
  • Very comfortable
  • very stable


  • bulky
  • The platforms are relatively narrow

33.2 inch Walnut Vesper Cat Tree

The Vesper Brand Walnut Cat Tree stands out from the competition with its clean, contemporary design that matches most home decor styles. Assembling the cat tree is quick and easy thanks to the illustrated instruction manual. Count between 30 and 45 minutes to assemble this cat tree. 

Two platforms on which your cat can climb are available. Your cat can also relax in a comfortable, generously sized little house. The house also has two separate entrances. A memory foam mattress topper sits on the surface of the platforms and playhouse. This is to increase your cat’s comfort. 

The posts and platforms of the cat tree have many scratchers. The highest platform in the tree offers a rope with three balls to entertain your cat.


  • Sleek and contemporary design
  • Very comfortable rest areas
  • Quick and easy assembly


  • The structure is not stable enough

54 inch PAWZD Road Cat Tree

What sets this cat tree apart from other models is its original rocket-shaped design. Wood is the main material of this rocket. It brings a surprising decorative touch to your interior. It is also an ideal option if you have several cats at home. This rocket for cats offers many ultra-comfortable resting places. 

The tree is fairly easy to assemble. This is a model that allows your cat to escape and rest in complete safety. That said, if you are looking for a cat tree to prevent your pet from damaging your furniture, you should avoid this model. Unfortunately, it does not have specific areas for your cat to sharpen its claws.


  • Original and elegant design
  • Many rest areas
  • Robust and stable


  • No scrapers

30 inch Salvador cat tree

The MidWest Homes for Pets Salvador Cat Tree is a space-saving accessory with a unique design. It will match many types of home decor. It is more suitable for a single cat. In addition, it has a resting platform and a small maisonette with open views on the upper floor. 

An ultra-soft black fabric covers all the rest areas. Your cat can also sharpen its claws on the sisal-covered tree post. The tree base provides excellent stability. The shaft assembly is extremely simple and quick.


  • Compact
  • Robust and stable
  • Simple assembly
  • Covered in ultra-soft fabric


  • few toys
  • The scraper wears out quickly

Do cats need a cat tree?

A cat tree isn’t just an extravagant purchase to pamper your four-legged friend. Many studies show that this accessory is very beneficial for the well-being of cats. Felines particularly appreciate high places. These areas provide them with a sense of comfort and security.

In addition to this significant benefit, cat trees provide many other benefits for your cat, but also for you. Here are some examples.

Increases the physical activity of cats

Some cats, especially cats that live only indoors, are lazy and don’t get enough physical activity. Although in general, the consequences are not dramatic, some animals can become obese and suffer from more serious health problems. Cats are curious by nature and love to perch high up. 

You can be sure that your cat will explore every corner of his new cat tree. This will help him to do some daily physical activity.

Increases cat comfort

Cats that don’t have a cat tree tend to monopolize the places theoretically reserved for their owner. Whether it’s the sofa, an office chair, or even the bed, it’s not always practical to share furniture with cats. 

With a cat tree, your cat will have its own cozy nest and will no longer monopolize all your furniture. In addition, you will no longer find hair or claw marks on your chair or pillows.

Reduces stress in cats

Cats like to have a high place to go to when they are scared or stressed. A cat tree provides your pet with a place to feel safe and calm.

Reduces damage to furniture

As a predator, your cat needs to sharpen its claws on a regular basis in order to be ready to capture prey or defend its territory. He instinctively uses everything he finds to sharpen his claws: sofa, bed, furniture, etc. 

Stressed cats also tend to release their stress by scratching at objects. Naturally, the consequences are disastrous for your furniture. There are scratching posts in most cat trees. They are specifically designed for your cat to sharpen her claws and release her excess stress at will.

Reduces physical confrontations between multiple cats

If you have several cats, the verticality offered by the cat tree can help reduce physical confrontations between your felines. The dominant cat can show off its status by sitting on the highest platform in the structure.

Rather than engaging in a fight to demonstrate its dominant status, the cat climbs to the highest perch. There will therefore be a certain harmony within a household made up of several cats.

How to choose the best cat tree?

You must take into account several criteria in order to find the cat tree that corresponds to your cat’s preferences.

Your cat’s age

Consider your cat’s age and physical abilities when choosing the perfect tree. An older or lazy cat will be more likely to use the cat tree if it is small and easy to climb. A young cat with a more curious nature will prefer a tree with several levels that he can explore. 

The size of the cat tree

You need to determine where you are going to install the cat tree before purchasing it. Take the time to check that the dimensions of the base and the height of the tree do not overcrowd your living space.

The materials used

Prefer a cat tree with a scratching post with a rope made of sisal. This material encourages your cat to use the scratcher. Make sure the structure is sturdy, especially if the cat tree has multiple floors.

Make sure that a soft and pleasant material covers the platforms.

Other criteria to consider

In addition to the criteria mentioned above, check the following before buying a cat tree:

  • the number of toys, 
  • the number of platforms,
  • the price,
  • design.

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