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Do you like to enjoy a pleasant moment of reading or cinema near a wood fire with warm and bewitching flames? Many people do, but using a traditional fireplace requires a lot of effort and maintenance. To enjoy all the advantages of a wood fire without its disadvantages, an electric fireplace can be an excellent option.

The indoor fireplace is a device that allows you to heat and decorate your interior simply, quickly, and economically. Find all the information you need to know about electric fireplaces to help you find the ideal model that will enhance your living room all year round.

What is an electric fireplace?

An electric fireplace, also called an electric fireplace, is a device that imitates the appearance of a classic fireplace and that can heat the interior of a room in the house. Most of the available models plug into a simple electrical outlet and do not require any special installation. 

They are also an original decorative element, as they are available in many styles and fit into any interior. Additionally, the heating function can be turned off for year-round use. They are controllable with a thermostat and remote control for quick and easy operation and heat regulation.

What is the best electric fireplace in 2022?

There are obviously many different models of indoor fireplaces on the market. The best product will obviously depend on your personal tastes and needs. Here are our top 5 of the best electric fireplaces available in 2022.

Duraflame DFI-5010-0 Electric Fireplace

This electric fireplace, which takes the form of a traditional wood stove, is equipped with a very powerful infrared quartz heating system. It can easily heat a 1000 square foot room with 5200 BTUs. The thermostat allows you to choose the ideal temperature in any situation. Its design is very elaborate with a sturdy metal body, side windows and a beveled glass door. 

The reproduction of the flames is excellent with an ultra-realistic 3D effect. It is also possible to adjust the brightness, color, and speed of the flames among 5 setting options. 

Of course, you can choose to operate your Duraflame electric fireplace without heat to enjoy the warm atmosphere of a wood fire all year round. The device has an intuitive control panel on its front side and comes with remote control.


  • Elaborate design
  • Very realistic flames
  • Capable of heating up to 1000 square feet
  • Robust


  • Relatively heavy

Tangkula 42-inch wall or built-in electric fireplace

This heated indoor fireplace from the Tangkulo brand combines a modern design with its black glass construction and optimal performance. You can recess this electric fireplace or attach it directly to one of the walls of the room. Installation is quick and easy and requires no special skills. 

It is capable of heating a 400 square foot room with 5100 BTUs. You have the choice between two temperature options: low with 750 W and high with 1500 W. It is possible to configure the color of the flames among the 12 options and to modify the speed and the brightness among the 5 options. 

The control of the various parameters can be done using a control panel on the front panel or via the included remote control. For added convenience, the device is equipped with a timer.


  • Modern and refined design
  • Built-in or wall installation
  • Many flame adjustment options
  • Good value for money


  • Only two temperature options

Electric fireplace integrated in Walker Edison TV stand

This electric fireplace is directly integrated into a modern TV cabinet. It is a very practical device that allows you to save space in the room thanks to its dual function. 

The piece of furniture is functional and offers plenty of storage space divided between two cabinets located on either side of the electric fireplace. Each of the cabinets has a glass door. The electric fireplace is located in the middle of the cabinet and will bring a warm atmosphere when you watch television. 

Assembly and installation are quick and easy. The fireplace is able to heat a 400 square foot room with 4600 BTUs.


  • Function TV stand and electric fireplace
  • Easy to assemble
  • Versatile design


  • No temperature setting options
  • Wood quality could be better

Valuxhome electric fireplace insert

This top-of-the-range electric fireplace from the Valuxhome brand is an insert model that is perfect for installing in an existing classic fireplace. This unit is capable of delivering 5000 BTUs to efficiently heat a 400 square foot room in just a few minutes. 

Faux resin logs, a bed of embers, flames with 3 color setting options make up the interior of this ultra-realistic fireplace. For an even more captivating result, speakers are integrated to imitate the sound of crackling logs. 

All settings are customizable using an intuitive remote control. It is equipped with a programmable timer for automatic shutdown after 1 to 9 hours. Finally, it has two temperature setting options (high/1500W or low/750W).


  • Built-in speakers
  • Very realistic design
  • Easy installation
  • Heats up quickly


  • Poor sound quality from the speakers
  • Requires an existing chimney

Electric fireplace insert with DIMPLEX Revillusion wood logs

This Revillusion Dimplex electric fireplace insert takes the form of wooden logs. It is an ideal choice if you have an existing fireplace. You can place this electric fireplace directly in it and plug it into an electrical outlet. The quality of the flames is very good thanks to the use of an acrylic panel which makes the flames flamboyant and without reflection. 

You can use this appliance throughout the year by stopping the heating function. It delivers 5100 BTUs and can heat small rooms. The brightness of the LED lights as well as the temperature (high/low) is controllable via remote control.


  • Outstanding flame quality
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Heats well
  • Good value for money


  • Requires an existing chimney
  • Not suitable for heating large rooms

Can an electric fireplace imitate a real fireplace?

Some modern electric fireplaces manage to perfectly imitate a real fireplace in terms of operation. In order to recreate the look of the flames of a real fire, manufacturers cleverly use LED lamps as well as mirror components that reflect and move the light as real flames would. 

Typically, faux wood logs are placed in the center of the fireplace. Other models are composed of an LED screen to recreate the image of a working fireplace. Some electric fireplaces also have speakers to mimic the relaxing sound of crackling logs.

Since these are fake flames, there is no real smoke that occurs when using an electric fireplace insert. Therefore, it is not necessary to have a vent or a chimney to ventilate the electric fireplace, which is certainly an advantage. 

The Benefits of an Indoor Electric Fireplace

More and more individuals are choosing to install an indoor electric fireplace rather than a traditional fireplace. The two main reasons are that they do not emit polluting smoke and that they are very simple to install. Electric fireplace inserts offer many other benefits.

no smoke

As explained above, a wall-mounted electric fireplace works by plugging directly into a conventional electrical outlet. It does not produce heat by the principle of burning wood, gas or any other type of combustible material. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the evacuation of smoke and the risk of inhaling toxic fumes.

The price

The purchase price of a wall-mounted electric fireplace is generally much lower than that of a traditional fireplace. Indeed, the electric fireplace does not require any particular arrangement to be installed. All you need is enough space and an electrical outlet nearby. 

The installation of a classic chimney generally includes significant investments to evacuate the smoke efficiently. In addition, the operation of an electric fireplace is much more economical, because you do not have to constantly buy wood logs to fuel the fire.

Ease of maintenance

The use of a real fireplace is quite restrictive and requires a lot of time and energy in terms of maintenance. Using wood to fuel a fireplace inevitably creates smoke and ash. To evacuate the smoke effectively, it is necessary to maintain the chimney, generally by using the services of a professional. 

Ashes should also be picked up regularly. With an electric fireplace, all that inconvenience goes up in smoke (hehe). Simply turn the device on or off using your remote control while sitting comfortably on your couch.


Chimneys can pose a real danger to your home and its occupants. They give off toxic fumes, are hot and not suitable in an environment with children or pets. 

Although they can heat a room in your home, wall-mounted electric fireplaces have the advantage of not being hot during use. That said, you can still find models that can also warm up the room if that’s what you want. The risks of burns or inhalation of toxic fumes are non-existent.

Other advantages

In addition to the main advantages mentioned above, we can also mention:

  • quick and easy installation;
  • excellent durability for most products;
  • energy saving ;
  • possible use all year round by deactivating the heating function;
  • ecological;
  • etc

The different types of electric fireplaces

There are several types of electric fireplaces that are characterized according to the type of installation. Here is a list of the most commonly used models for a home.

The wall-mounted electric fireplace

As its name suggests, this type of fireplace is directly installed on one of the walls of your house. The main advantage is simple and quick installation, as for a television or a picture frame. You just need to fix it to the wall of your choice and close to a power outlet. The result obtained is generally very aesthetic and brings a warm and authentic side to the room.

The built-in electric fireplace

This type of fireplace is installed on a wall. Unlike the wall model, it is necessary to make a hole that will accommodate the built-in electric fireplace. We, therefore, advise you to call on a professional to carry out the installation properly, especially if you are not skilled with your hands. The advantage is that the visual rendering is better than with a wall model. Indeed, the edges do not protrude and the frameless effect is very elegant.

The electric fireplace insert

Electric inserts are usually placed in an existing classic fireplace. Electric inserts can take the form of a full fireplace hearth or wood logs. In the case of an insert in the form of a hearth, it is necessary to choose the right size so that it adapts to the dimensions of the existing fireplace. The electric inserts in the form of logs are placed directly in the fireplace.

The electric fireplace on feet or integrated into a piece of furniture

You can also find electric fireplaces that are built directly into a TV cabinet. This is a great option for narrower rooms. You can get a space heater as well as a storage cabinet to save space.

There are also models of free-standing electric fireplaces that look like classic wood stoves. They can be placed in an existing fireplace or any other place in your home. They are usually small and easily portable.

What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Fireplace

Before buying an electric fireplace, you must consider certain factors to determine the model that will best meet your expectations and the configuration of your home.

The type of electric fireplace

The type of electric fireplace is the first element to consider. Choose the most suitable model taking into account the room in which it will be installed. If you already have an existing fireplace, take advantage of it and opt for an electric insert that will save you space and enhance your fireplace. 

If you want to install your fireplace in a smaller room, a built-in model in a piece of furniture or a small wall-mounted fireplace will be perfect. Be aware that the fundamental characteristics of electric fireplaces are identical to all types. In reality, it is according to the layout of your interior and your personal tastes that you should choose the type of fireplace.

The power

The wattage of your electric fireplace determines the amount of heat produced. In general, power is measured in BTUs. So take the time to check the power of each electric fireplace so that it is able to heat the room of your choice. 

Remember that electric fireplaces cannot heat multiple rooms in your home. It is more of a backup heating solution. You can heat a room of about 400 square feet with an electric fireplace with a power of 1500 W.


The design is very important. Indeed, in addition to heating a room, electric fireplaces can bring an original decorative touch to your interior. Choose a device with a style that blends well with your home decor.


Among the most popular features we can mention:

  • automatic shutdown in case of overheating;
  • a timer;
  • variation of LED colors and brightness;
  • built-in speakers.

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