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There is nothing worse than suffering from back pain. It’s even worse when the pain is chronic and you can’t escape it. Back pain will make your life much more difficult, including your daily tasks. Not to mention the impact it has on your mood.

If you’ve ever had a massage in your life, you know how good they feel. A massage feels amazing, especially if you have certain body parts that are usually tense and sore.

If you plan to see a massage therapist regularly to treat your back pain, it could cost you quickly. There is another option to consider if you want to treat your back pain from the comfort of your home.

A portable massage chair can help you relax in seconds. It is an ideal solution after a hard day at work or if you are more tense than usual.

A massager, or a back massager, what is it?

Our daily lives are often filled with repeated gestures. We are sitting on an office chair, squatting on a small table, lying on the sofa or on our bed. This is especially true since remote work has become normal and our travels are limited. 

Having good posture is something so important that is too often overlooked. Poor working conditions can leave us with sore muscles that will force us to need a massage. A massage chair can help you solve various problems, including muscle discomfort, in addition to helping you relax. 

A back massager is a popular solution for those wishing to relax, relieve tension or reduce discomfort. The reason why your back is often tense is that the back is usually an area of ​​the body that experiences a lot of stress and pressure. That said, several types of massage that can help you feel better.

What is the best massage chair pad in 2022?

It’s no wonder you find hundreds of different forms of massagers, as there are so many types and causes of pain to relieve. Choosing the right massager for you comes down to determining which one is best suited to your needs and pains. 

Here is a list of the best back massagers in 2022.

Comfier Back and Neck Massager

This massage chair comes with massage functions of Shiatsu, finger-like pressure, kneading, rolling, and infrared heating. You are then guaranteed to have a deep tissue massage of the neck and back. The massage cushion effectively relieves you of fatigue, tension, and discomfort. It offers a pleasant massage of the neck, shoulders, spine, waist, and hips.

The Comfier Shiatsu massage chair offers the same level of pleasure as a full-body massage chair. It is nevertheless much more affordable since it only comes with massage elements. You can therefore place it on the armchair or chair of your choice.

You will have a lot of fun discovering the different possible configurations. With an excellent, trustworthy warranty, know that customer service will take care of you if you have any issues with the product.


  • 4 modes
  • Portable
  • More affordable than a massage chair
  • Ability to heat


  • Not ideal for short people
  • Power may be limited

RENPHO Chair Massage Cushion

Unlike other massage chairs, this one has a flexible massage cushion that eliminates typical hard knots. In addition, it fits perfectly under your neck. The massage pillow is customizable and flexible to fit most people, tall or short.

Swiping up or down gives you 8 deep kneading massage points that massage your entire spine. This chair massage cushion has three types of back massage for you to choose from. You can opt for the whole back, only the upper back or the lower back. You can also focus on a specific spot for more precise enjoyment.

In addition, this massager provides pleasant warmth and sitting vibrations, which can help you relax. Warming up your back and neck relaxes muscle tension all over your neck, spine, hips, and shoulders. To create the most comfortable seat in the house, place this back massager on a sofa, lounge chair, or office chair.


  • Adjustable height
  • 8 massage nodes
  • 3 massage sections
  • Heating functionality


  • Few instructions
  • Make noise

Snailax Shiatsu Back Massager

The massage chair comes with four different neck massage nodes. The massage nodes can be adjusted up and down to the desired height. This allows everyone at home to be able to use this messenger.

This back massager will soothe your neck, shoulders, or spine with an energizing shiatsu massage. Get a relaxing massage that will help reduce stress in the areas where you are most tense.

The masseur gives you a deep tissue massage that goes from your upper back to your lower back. You can also opt for a massage that focuses on the lower or upper spine. Or even on another specific area to suit your unique needs.


  • Adjustable massaging nodes
  • Suitable for all sizes
  • Deep tissue massage


  • Neck massage is not perfect
  • slight vibration

Snailax Heated Shiatsu Massage Cushion

If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy the Snailax model, this is another great option. This is another back massager that will make you feel like you are getting a proper professional massage. It also provides shiatsu massage to reduce stress and relax your back. A deep massage combined with soothing heat and a vibrating massage will soothe your body for maximum relaxation.

The heated feature is an optional feature that provides moderate heat. The heating elements can be operated independently of the massage functions. Overheating protection controls are installed to ensure your safety. 

Two vibrating and stimulating massage nodules have been included in the seat to provide a soothing experience for the hips and thighs. You also have two settings available.

It is both soothing and long-lasting. It’s the equivalent of a portable massage chair that you can take anywhere with you.


  • Durable and robust
  • Two vibration modes
  • Warm and safe


  • Not ideal for all sizes
  • Intensity not adjustable
  • Does not offer full massage

Naipo Shiatsu Back Massage Cushion

With this massage chair, you can choose to massage the entire spine, upper or lower back. It helps relax your back muscles while giving you a deep massage precisely where you need it.

You get four massage nodes, providing a gentler massage than most other back massagers. This device realistically mimics the palms of therapists for optimal pressure.

As features, you have adjustable heating, three vibration strength settings, as well as smart timers from 10 to 30 minutes. Everything is also safe to prevent the massager from overheating. All this allows you to have a pleasant and stress-free massage experience. A handheld remote makes it easy to customize your experience.

As for the traditional fall prevention design, non-slip features have been implemented to allow your cushion to attach to any chair.


  • Adjustable heating function
  • timer
  • Remote control
  • Easy to place


  • Not comfortable when not in use
  • Not adjustable for tall people

How does a massager work?

Massages reduce painful cramps and spasms by relaxing muscle tissue. The massager can also help relieve nerve pressure.

To give you a better idea, when muscles contract, they can sometimes compress the nerves around them. By relaxing the muscle fibers, the nerves are no longer compressed. They can then benefit from appropriate nutrition and work more efficiently.

What are the benefits of a massage chair?

Imagine the feeling you’ll have as you settle into your massage chair after a long, stressful day. You would not only be relieved from the physical discomfort, but you will get other benefits as well. 

Our body tends to become sore and stiff from constant or repetitive work. Relaxing is important for good recovery, but a relaxing back massage will also allow you to relax and relieve your muscles.

Less back pain

The main reason people buy an electric massage chair is to reduce back pain. Back discomfort, whether minimal or severe, is undeniably frustrating. The electric back massager will help you achieve this goal.

Reductions in headaches

Cramps and headaches can be caused by stress, pressure, and fatigue. Did you know that a good back massage can also help reduce your headaches? Massage therapy will help you reduce different types of aches and pains, including strokes and migraines.

Stimulation of blood circulation and the circulatory system

For your body to function healthily and efficiently, your cardiovascular system is vital. Certain repeated activities can obstruct your blood circulation. This is something your electric massager can help you with. A massage chair will stimulate your muscle cells in just a few minutes.

Better sleep

Are you the type of person who, no matter what you do to relax, always has trouble sleeping? If you have trouble sleeping, a regular back massage at the end of the day could be your solution.

Money saving

Owning a massage chair at home is definitely more economical than making multiple appointments with a massage therapist. A single visit to your massage therapist can be quite expensive so imagine several. An electric massager, on the other hand, gives you great value for money. We will help you find the best option for you.

What are the benefits of a back massage

A back massage has many benefits. Here are a few :

· Relax your back muscles
· Improve your circulation
· Relieve back pain
· Relieve headaches
· Reduce anxiety and depression
· Improve sitting posture

A back massage is a relaxing way to end the day or a tough work week. Relaxing with a massage will also help improve your sleep.

How to choose the best massage chair pad?


If you only have time to focus on one feature, you should mainly compare the type of massager. The kneading motion will give you a massage of the center of your back, with outward movements. The sensation will be similar to two hands massaging your spine. It’s a quick and easy fix for a sore back.


Rolling is another feature often found in high-end shiatsu massagers. The roller performs horizontal, vertical, or lateral rolling actions on the back. Muscles are relaxed and stretched, and bone spurs are gently soothed, thanks to the rolling motion. This allows you to relax, as will your back.


If you buy a shiatsu back massager, giving you rhythmic massage, tapping is an important thing to consider. One of the great benefits of this feature is that it promotes blood circulation and makes the person feel good.


Depending on the strength of the vibrations, a vibration massage can have various impacts on the nervous system. Fast and intense movements can strengthen the immune system, while gentler and slower movements will help you relax the body instead.

A vibration massage can stimulate the release of endorphins, a hormone that can relieve pain throughout the body, not just the back.

The ease of transport

Why not take your massager with you everywhere? Some versions are lighter and easier to transport than others. If you travel frequently or are on the go and want to be able to enjoy your massager, be sure to opt for a portable massage chair.

The number of rotating nodes

The massager should have as many turning nodes as possible. We advise you to avoid a massager with less than four nodes. A greater amount of knots indicate that the massager penetrates deeper into the skin, which increases its effectiveness.

The different types of massage therapist

The massage chair

This type of massager does not require any effort. Just sit back, press a button, and let go. Heating pads are sometimes included in some models. A massage on a massage chair gives you the impression of being with a professional masseur who massages your shoulders, neck, and entire spine.

hand held back massager

These portable massagers are less expensive than the massage chairs mentioned above. They are usually inexpensive.

Back massager belt

These are more suitable for those who suffer from lower back pain. One of the advantages of back massage belts is that they can heat up to enhance the massage effect. 


There are so many alternatives that it can be difficult to choose the best massage chair pad for your back. Before finding the best massage chair, remember to consider your unique needs and preferences.

How do we choose the best products?

To create this article, we rely on several extensive pieces of research. We do different types of tests, product comparisons as well as analyses of feedback and reviews from buyers. We present you only the best products based on all these analyzes.

The products on our list are tested and approved. They are safe, effective and provide you with excellent value for money. We also take into account the design and comfort of each product. 

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