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Who hasn’t come home tired from work and having to quickly clean up for guests? This situation has undoubtedly happened many times to many of us. You then surely thought that with a little help, this tedious task would be less tiring, and it is the case. The solution is the robot vacuum cleaner.

Obviously, hiring a housekeeper could help you, but who said that this help must absolutely be human? Being in the era of digital and robots, this help can also be robotic. You can then turn to robot vacuum cleaners to help you clean your house, and that, continuously. 

This solution allows you to save time on the time you spend on cleaning. If you are someone who is short on time and can’t stand seeing your apartment or house dirty, this article is for you.

What is a robot vacuum cleaner?

Before talking about a robot vacuum cleaner, it is very important to emphasize what a robot vacuum cleaner really is. This device is simply a robotic vacuum cleaner. The latter has sensors that allow it to do the same work as a conventional vacuum cleaner, but independently.

What is the best robot vacuum in 2022?

Here is a list of the best robot vacuums available in 2022.

The Roomba e5 (5150) robot vacuum cleaner

This robot vacuum is the epitome of the ideal vacuum cleaner if you have pets. It has dual-surface rubber brushes that won’t tangle with your pets’ hair. Its filter eliminates 99% of cat and dog allergens. 

Very powerful, this robot vacuum removes stubborn dirt with a superior quality 3-stage cleaning system. It is also effective on carpets and hard floors thanks to a height-adjustable brush.

It’s easy to schedule custom cleaning schedules. You can also use this robot vacuum with Google Assistant and Alexa.

The sensors are very efficient on this vacuum cleaner. It has them all along and around the edges. Its vacuum detector is very practical if you have stairs in your home. The sensors are also so powerful that they detect dirt. Thus, the robot will go there by itself after the detection.

Buyers are unanimous, it is an excellent product. It is, therefore, the one recommended for people with a lot of animal hair at home. 

The RoboVac 30C robot vacuum from Eufy

The RoboVac 30C vacuum cleaner from Eufy is equipped with Wi-Fi technology. This allows you to control your device via your smartphone using the “EufyHome” app. The latter is available for Android and iOS. You can also use Alexa and Google voice assistants. 

This vacuum cleaner is autonomous. All you have to do is place the delimiting bands which will indicate to the device the limits not to be exceeded. This robot vacuum automatically returns to its charging base when the batteries are low.

Finally, this robot vacuum cleaner does not take up much space. It is thin, discreet, and measures only 72.5 mm in height. It can therefore easily slip under your furniture. In addition, it is very quiet.

Customers are very happy with the performance of this vacuum cleaner. It also has very good value for money.

The DEEBOT 500 robot vacuum from Ecovacs

Like the first two robot vacuums on our list, this one has voice control with Alexa and Google. You can also use an app (Evovacs) that gives you access to 5 control features. These commands include direct control, scheduling, updates, cleaning modes, and accessory status. 

The sensors are also very efficient. Here are some other great features of the product:

  • anti-fall and anti-collision sensors
  • automatic return loading
  • automatic software update
  • durable protective bumpers
  • high efficiency filter
  • scratch-resistant finish
  • large easy-to-empty bin
  • large wheels for climbing thresholds.

Its battery life is 110 minutes. Cleanings are therefore longer and more effective. The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with two side brushes and one main brush, which ensures great performance.

Customers are satisfied with this product and mention that it makes their life easier. Especially thanks to remote control for easy cleaning of their home. Finally, its value for money is highly appreciated by consumers.

Proscenic M7 pro robot vacuum cleaner

Cleaning with this robot vacuum cleaner is very efficient. It is powered by a Nidec brushless motor which allows it to have a high suction capacity of 2700 Pa (atmospheric pressure). It, therefore, has the ability to vacuum pet hair, dirt, and fine dust with ease. 

This model is very efficient with its laser technology. This technology allows the vacuum to navigate your home easily. The device is capable of mapping your home by creating a real-time map of your space. The device can thus plan the best cleaning paths. Featuring 24 sensors on the unit, it can handle complex environments easily and efficiently.

It is important to point out that this robot vacuum offers selective cleaning. You can control where you want the vacuum to go. This is even easier with the ProscenicHome app which allows you to manage all the controls. 

You can also switch between cleaning modes. It is also possible to schedule cleanings or specifically clean a room. The application allows you to create virtual zones out of bounds. This app also has the ability to save maps across multiple floors. This saves you from having to configure everything multiple times. 

It is a quality product that will not disappoint. Very effective on hard floors and carpets, this product easily cleans all your surfaces.

The Deenkee DK650 robot vacuum cleaner

The Deenkee app allows you to choose a cleaning program and display the map in real-time. You can receive notifications and easily access additional features. The sensors are also very efficient, including the anti-drop sensor. Like previous robot vacuums, this product is compatible with Alexa and Google.

The robot vacuum is very effective. It has a remarkable and ultra-strong suction power of 2000 PA. Its 3 suction levels can easily pick up all dust, pet hair, dirt, and crumbs. For cleaning, the robot vacuum has 6 cleaning modes: auto, spot, max, edge, single room, schedule. In addition, it has the 3 in 1 function of sweeping, suction, and mop.

It’s also the robot vacuum cleaner with the longest battery life of 160 minutes. The product loads automatically. It can work about 120 minutes for 120 sqm. This makes cleaning more efficient, especially for larger homes.

Why buy a robot vacuum cleaner?

The features of a robot vacuum cleaner are very important. Here is a list of reasons to buy this type of vacuum cleaner.

smart device

Robot vacuums are smart machines. They are able to detect a staircase thanks to an anti-fall system for example. Plus, you don’t need to plug in or charge the device. Indeed, the robot vacuum cleaner is able to automatically return to its charging base.

Deep cleaning

The robot vacuum cleaner has circular brushes which allow it to effectively clean your floors, including the hair of your animals. It cleans deeply and continuously.

Some models have ultraviolet lamps. These allow you to see and eliminate dust mites and other bacteria present on your floors. In addition, their suction capacity is impressive, with a dust container that can hold 0.3 to 1 liter of dust. 


As for the practicality of the robot vacuum cleaner, some have remote controls. Alternatively, you can often control the device conveniently from a mobile app. This then allows you to take control of your device while you are away.

So you can get a head start on cleaning your house if guests have to come by. You no longer have to worry about cleaning the house at the last minute.

Little noisy

One of the many advantages of a robot vacuum cleaner is its low noise level. It emits only 50 to 65 decibels (depending on the model). They are therefore very discreet and can even work while you sleep.

The different types of robot vacuum cleaners

The simple model

This robot vacuum cleaner has the particularity of being compact and robotic. It will vacuum your floors independently. It is particularly effective on all types of floors, including carpets or rugs.

robot vacuum mop

This template has the same functionality as the simple template. What distinguishes it from the latter is its second tank intended for washing the floor. This is done after the dust suction step. It will allow you to save twice as much time since you will not need to pass the mop.

The self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner

This one is also similar to the simple model. The difference is that it has an automatic draining system. So you don’t have to empty the bin yourself. This is done when the robot vacuum returns to its base. However, you will need to replace the disposable bag which has a low capacity.

The robot vacuum mop and self-cleaning

This model has the qualities of the self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner and those of the floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner.

What to consider to find the best robot vacuum for you

Since there are so many models on the market, the choice can be difficult when it comes to choosing the best device. Here are the main factors to consider in finding the product that will meet your needs.

The size of your accommodation

This criterion is important since the surface area of ​​your home has a very strong impact on the performance of your device. If you have a large house, opt for a robot vacuum with a large battery. Otherwise, the robot vacuum cleaner will not be able to clean the house effectively. The battery will be discharged before the end. 

The size of the tank is also important. If you have a small house, a small tank should suffice. However, if your house is very large, opt for a model with a large enough tank.

The components of your home

A house has different components, such as carpets, stairs, animals, etc. These can be obstacles for your robot vacuum cleaner. If you have animals, then you will need to choose an effective device for cleaning hair. Opt for a machine with adapted brushes. 

If you want the device to go under furniture, get a small robot vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, it will not be able to do its job effectively. As for the stairs, choose a robot vacuum cleaner with a cliff sensor to avoid a disaster.

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