Best Tower Pedestal Fan Consumer Reports

From the beginning of summer, the heat waves are already numerous. So we have to find ways to refresh ourselves. One of the big drawbacks of summer is the heat when sleeping. Like many people, you probably have trouble getting to sleep on hot summer nights.

Why use a fan?

To avoid getting too hot, a pedestal fan can be an excellent solution. If you have trouble tolerating the sometimes too intense freshness of air conditioning, a good quiet fan may be all you need. Especially since the fan is a much more economical and ecological solution than air conditioning.

Thus, in summer the fan quickly becomes the object that we want to install in front of our bed. Knowing that there are so many similar-looking fans on the market, this article will help you find the best fans to get as soon as possible.  

What is the best tower fan in 2022?

Here is a list of the best fans in 2022. You will find pedestal fans, column fans as well as silent fans.

The Dyson fan is also the best fan on this list by any criteria. In fact, when it comes to functionality and efficiency, it is unmatched. The Dyson brand has nothing more to prove. Plus, it’s probably the best-looking fan you could get if aesthetics are important to you.

To talk about these features, this fan which is actually a purifier, allows you to heat up during the winter, but also to keep you cool during the summer. Thanks to the purifier system, it removes up to 99.97% of allergens from your home. 

On the other hand, it has exceptional practicality with its small size and low weight. Indeed, it weighs only 8 kg. It should also be noted that you have an application that allows you to manage all the features from your smartphone. 

The fan also features a sleep timer, automatic night mode, and an easy-to-clean opening. 

Despite the considerable price of this product, customers are delighted with the product. Indeed, they highlight the very good quality of purifiers as well as their functionalities. The functionalities are thus very appreciated. As it is a 2 in 1 product, for heating and cooling, its investment is worth it. It’s a huge plus in the summer, as it is in the winter.

It’s a powerful fan and probably the best quiet fan for your home.

The TaoTronics TT-TF001 fan

This column fan is an excellent fan if you’re looking to cool off in the summer and you don’t have a lot of space in your home. On the other hand, it is also perfect if you want to refresh an entire room. The latter oscillates at 65° and distributes the air with a speed of 6.1 m/s. This allows faster air circulation allowing also faster cooling. 

Also, if you want to put the fan in your room, but don’t like the noise, you’ll appreciate the fact that it’s quiet. Indeed, this TaoTronics fan has 3 speeds and 9 cooling options, but also 3 breeze modes. The 3 breeze modes are: normal, natural, and sleep. These 3 modes allow you to adapt the fan to your needs. 

Add to this that the features are chosen thanks to an LED screen with which the fan is equipped. We can also highlight the fact that this fan is not dangerous for children, since it has a child lock. 

Beyond the elements previously, this fan has an automatic mode. This automatic mode turns the fan on when the ambient temperature is above 26° and turns off when it is below 24°. Generally, customers are very satisfied with their purchases.

The Ozeri OZF5-BT 360 fan

This column fan is the main competitor to the TaoTronics fan on our list. Indeed, like the Dyson fan, it has Bluetooth technology and a free downloadable iOS or Android app for full control via your smartphone. Unlike TaoTronics’ fan, this one can oscillate up to 360 degrees. This allows the whole room to be refreshed without exception. 

On the other hand, like the previous fan, this one also has three speeds. Allowing you to adjust it according to your needs. It also has 3 airflow modes designed to promote sleep. Finally, like the fan from TaoTronics, it is equipped with an LCD screen that displays the ambient temperature as well as a remote control to adjust the various functions of the fan. 

Reviews of these products are very positive, customers are very satisfied with their purchase. However, the remarks made are on the plastic material of the fan. However, this is explained by the excellent quality-price ratio of the product.

The Seville Classics UltraSlimline Fan

This column fan from Seville is a fan that has 4 fan speeds. It, therefore, has one more speed than the other fans on the list. Fourth gear will allow you to cool down even more during very hot summer days. On the other hand, it has a 90° oscillation, allowing you to refresh yourself and your family. 

Unlike other fans, this one doesn’t have an LCD screen, but it does come with remote control. The latter will then allow you to remotely control the various fan functions such as speeds and oscillation. 

Customers are very happy with their purchase as with other fans. Apart from the lack of an LCD screen, users did not find any other apparent negative points. Note that this product comes with a 40-inch column fan and another small 17-inch high fan.


This column fan from the Pelonis brand is the one offering the best value for money. Indeed, for a low budget, you get a column fan oscillating up to 90°. This oscillation allows you to cool an entire room. Plus, like other fans, you can adjust the airflow speed up to three times.

This will allow you, at the lowest level to have a low speed and low noise, to sleep while staying cool without noise pollution. It is therefore an excellent silent fan at a low price.

On the other hand, adjusting this fan is very convenient. Indeed, thanks to an LED control panel you can choose the different speed, oscillation, and timer settings. It will make your experience even better. 

The design of this fan is also a great advantage. Thanks to its small size, it is possible to put it in your room without it being bulky. Customers are satisfied with the good value for money of the product. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll appreciate that it’s very effective at cooling the air.

The different types of fans

Now let’s take a look at the different types of fans that we can find on the market. As with all products, it is difficult to know which one suits us the most.

We hope to help you make an easier choice with our analysis of the different fan types. As a type of propeller fan, there are usually the pedestal fan, the pedestal fan, and the column fan.

Pedestal fan

The pedestal fan is a small propeller fan. It is ideal for one person and has at least three speeds like most other propeller fans. So, depending on the area of ​​the room you want to cool, a pedestal fan may do just fine.

Indeed, it is far from bulky. It sits on a desk or on a piece of furniture at least one meter high and comes in different diameters. They are perfect for easily moving them from one room to another.

Propeller fan

This other propeller fan is more intended for collective use. It is the wider and taller version of a pedestal fan. It, therefore, allows a wider diffusion of the air. This type of fan is suitable for larger rooms, thanks to its high airflow.

It can be installed anywhere and thanks to its height-adjustable foot, you can change the direction of the air. For maximum efficiency, opt for a fan with a power of at least 60 watts.

Column fan

The column fan has a very aesthetic style and is perfect for you if you are short on space. Indeed, it diffuses a vertical airflow that sweeps the room and refreshes you pleasantly. They are sometimes a little more expensive than pedestal fans, but they are quieter and have more features.

Silent fan

A fan is very practical in the summer to cool off. However, it has a big drawback: noise. So if you decide to place it in a bedroom, a quiet fan will make all the difference in your sleep. We’re not claiming that they make absolutely no noise, but the sound volume is below the average offered on the market.

A classic fan is usually 50DB, but for the “silent” range, the volume is around 35Db. This will allow you to spend peaceful nights with a cooling and silent fan.

How to find the best fan?

Here we will tell you the different elements to take into consideration when making your purchase. You may have already done a quick search only to realize that there are several models that look alike. It is then difficult to know which fan is the best, which is really quiet, and which is worth the investment. The following criteria should help you make a decision more easily.

rotational speed

One of the criteria not to be underestimated is the speed of rotation. This item should be first on your list, even if it means the device will be a little louder. In any case, do not choose a fan with a speed lower than 800 revolutions per minute.

The size

The second important point is the size. It must be suitable for the room you want to cool. If you work in a very small office and want some ventilation during your hours in front of the computer, a small fan will probably do the trick. On the contrary, if you are looking for a fan that will have to ventilate a very large living room, you will probably want to opt for a larger and more powerful fan.

The materials

The materials used also matter. If noise is a determining criterion for you, turn to ventilation with rubber, which considerably reduces vibrations and therefore the sound of the fan.

For the processor as for the graphics card, the use of copper is also a good point, because it allows better heat dissipation. Check to see if the vent has any “heat pipes”. Their role is to help dissipate heat, “redirecting” it to the ventilation area.

The other criteria

You could also pay attention to the weight, format and mounting system, so as not to damage the other components of your machine with inadequate ventilation. Finally, check the connectors of your ventilation, so that it is compatible with the components on which you plan to install it.

The benefits of a fan vs air conditioning

If you are hesitating and do not yet know whether you should opt for a fan or air conditioning, here is some interesting information.

The main reasons for opting for a fan are the cost and their more ecological aspect. Indeed, a fan is more ecological than air conditioning. Unlike the latter, the fan will create an artificial wind to have a feeling of freshness rather than producing cold. This has the result that the fan will consume less energy. 

Finally, since the production and functionality of a fan is simpler than that of an air conditioner, the fan is much more economical. 

The additional options of modern fans

Beyond the imperative criteria to be checked at the time of your choice, you can also opt for options. Indeed, fans often have “comfort” options that improve your experience. Here are some options that are regularly found on fans.


This option allows the fan to also expel pressurized water air. This allows for more cooling.


This helps prevent the air from becoming too dry. This helps to avoid respiratory problems or the risk of asthma.


This function allows you to modify the chemistry of the air by charging it with negative ions to stabilize it. To benefit from a feeling of well-being, the balance between positive ions (cations) and negative ions must be respected. In short, if you have the possibility of having this function, take advantage of it!

To conclude

We hope we have helped you find the best way to cool off this summer. You may have noticed that our list focuses on fans on Amazon.

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